Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Big and the Small of the Work

Sometimes you have to make a lot of small things before you can make one big thing. 

My studio days have been spent in deep study and thought.  It may not be clear to all who 
visit the studio, but everything is leading somewhere - the studies are a map exposing 
direction.  As an artist I need to experience my future choices in some form before they are 
made or executed in a long term work.  The studies below assisted in the realization of the color drawing featured in the July 19, 2014 post of this Blog:

New painting in progress, acrylic and ink on Yupo, 18" x 24"

Vine study, maker and pen on paper, 14" x 17"

Grey Sunflower study, graphite and ink on paper

Green Sunflower study, ink on paper, 14" x 17"

…I am a fervent adept of the religion of facts. It has been said innumerable times, and I have also repeated it, that “facts remain and theories pass away…To observe with­out think­ing is as dangerous as to think with­out observ­ing. The­ory is our best intel­lec­tual tool; a tool, like all oth­ers, liable to be notched and to rust, requir­ing con­tin­ual repairs and replace­ments, but with­out which it would be almost impos­si­ble to make a deep hol­low in the mar­ble block of reality."

- Santiago Ramón y Cajal

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