Sunday, November 15, 2015

Handmade Sketchbook work about Santiago Ramón y Cajal Continues

I am continuing my sketchbook project about Santiago Ramón y Cajal.  I have expanded the project to include a container for the sketchbook.  A wooden box with a "fake" or "stunt" histologist slide for the title cover.  I have lined the box with gold, silver, cooper and other iridescent papers and have translated content from the sketchbook into narrative silhouettes of neurons, birds, and other woven threads - literal and metaphorical.

Here are a couple of links to previous posts that feature other pages from the sketchbook and the sketchbook at earlier states:

The interior of the lid is an in progress image.  When completed it will be pyramidal cells/pyramidal neurons surrounded by bird silhouettes. 

Hinged with meaning:  all of the clasps on the book represent an aspect of Cajal's life or research metaphorically.  The cross is a symbol for the room he was born in, the butterfly is a metaphor of his research (i.e. Butterflies of the Soul) and the arrow in tandem with the sun is metaphor of his research, too.  He inferred by drawing arrows on his work, the pathways of neural transmission.  The rose represents Romanticism and its influence on his work and world view.

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