Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year! Drawings from our family's holiday travel...

A change of pace for the daily routine and this blog.  Here are a few samples of the drawings I have done with the iPad Sketches app.  Some I would consider finished works but the drawings are mostly loose and feature my daughter in the airport(s) during layovers or on the airplane(s).  The app sure does take the sting out of flight delays!

Flight from KC to ATL

Atlanta Hartsfield Airport, Gate C-43

Flight from ATL to KC

Darcy at KC airport, Gate 57

Flight from KC to ATL

Darcy at KC airport, Gate 57

Flight from COLA to ATL

Gesture drawing, KC airport, Gate 57

Portrait of Shirley Luke Schnell, Lee's Summit, MO

A special part of our travels included a long visit with my mentor from Kansas City Art Institute, Shirley Luke Schnell.  Years ago when I was in graduate school she sent me a beautiful letter Friar Angelico sent to a friend in the 16th century.  In celebration of the New Year, I am posting it below:

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