Monday, June 13, 2016

Feature in the news @UofSC and new drawings

I was really excited and flattered when Dan Cook took a keen interest in my drawings included in the The Arte Corporis: Exploring the Anatomical Body exhibition. Featured in the show were fourteen of my drawings I have made during the last year through the direct study of Santiago Ramón y Cajal's scientific drawings.  Each drawing was made on site at the John Porter Neuroscience Research Center, National Institute of Health, Bethesda, MD.  My studies of Cajal's work at the NIH are constructed through the use of pens and marker - thus no erasing.  

Images from the exhibition were posted on this blog in March @ The Arte Corpis.  

 Dawn Hunter, Study of Cajal's Pyramidal cell scientific drawing, Berkeley Art Museum, graphite on paper, 11" x 14"

I had the opportunity to draw another set of Cajal's drawings at the Berkeley Art Museum earlier this month. This time, because of museum restrictions, I drew his work in graphite. As always, when I study his drawings, I draw the whole situation of each drawing.  Shadows cast from the drawings are included as are the boundaries created by the matts.  I do this because his drawings were constructed with unconventional formats.  Not only does this approach make spending long hours researching and drawing his works more creatively interesting but more importantly, it serves to emphasize the content and context of his research.   A sample of the works I drew are featured in the above work and below:

Dawn Hunter, Study of Cajal's Olfactory cortex scientific drawing, Berkeley Art Museum, 11" x 14"

Dawn Hunter, Study of Cajal's Microglia in the grey, scientific drawing, Berkeley Art Museum, graphite on paper, 11" x14"

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